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We help you tell your love story.

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Hello to all looking to Celebrate Life! We hope to get an opportunity to meet you in person, but until then please let us share a little bit about ourselves and our passion for event planning, design and coordination. Mike and Julia love to coordinate special events and weddings for the greater good of every soul, from the bride and groom and hosts, to the guests and staff. After all, this isn't just a wedding day, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc.; it is an opportunity for all involved to participate in an honored day. When planning any event, there are many people involved that would like to assist or may feel obligated to. We pay close attention to the needs of all, so that if someone wants to truly be a part of it, we find the right place without compromising the desires of the hostess or bride. The most rewarding feeling of any special event is to look out among the crowd and feel the love, passion, and happiness and say “this night, this reception/party/event/celebration is why we do what we do."

Mike and my story began lifetimes ago. His soul was so familiar to me, that when we met, the world stood still and the only sound in my head was "there you are, I found you." I knew I had known him in previous lifetimes and my soul felt like dancing. His love of everything about life was contagious and I wanted to help spread that contagion. I was fortunate to not only get the opportunity to make him my partner in business, but also to join as partners in life (wedding date TBD). It was, as many things in life, a Serendipitous meeting. I began the company as Serendipitous Events by Julia in 2009, in love with the name serendipity, but changed it to SEJ Productions to reflect our new partnership and adventure together.

I have always loved the preparation of an event. Setting the table became a household chore that later has made me thoroughly love tablescapes. My Mom had the most spectacular botanist for a landscape architect that I could not help but fall in love with florals. Upon her passing she made sure that her celebration of this life was about the music and the flowers. The flowers to represent her love of the beauty of life and music to be her voice. I couldn't agree more. Mike and I see the details as an expression of each of you. A way of connecting everyone to your life and what you both love.

The journey has been incredible and although many would like to see client lists and praise, ultimately what we strive for from each client is to continue our relationship and expand with their referrals. Graciously, we have been able to do just that.




We offer several packages designed to help you celebrate this momentous occasion, from intimate elopements to large, elegant weddings and destination. 


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