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Julia - Founder, Creator of Possibility

As of right now, you can find her finding a way to create something that will taste good in the kitchen and listening to a vinyl or listening to the best songs of the 1970's. Whether baking cookies for an event or to greet new neighbors, making something from the heart is her deepest passion next to her family. She could also be in the garden created from left overs at weddings and special event. Ultimately, she will searching for a way to make life better for her fellow humans. Each endeavor is created to have the purpose of making life a little better for everyone. She and Mike have recently become wine ambassadors and are embarking on a new amazing project. 

Mike - Fellow owner, Director of Operations

Along with kindness, a huge heart and a contagious energy, Mike brought with him innate spacial  reasoning and the gift of simplicity. Where Julia can come up with a billion ideas, Mike executes those ideas with ease and is able to create a less is more visual palette.  He loves getting to  know people and believes in the old fashion connections of years past. 

Rachael - Branding Specialist, Creative Guru, Photographic Genius

Rachael has a magic wand that is able to tell stories through her photos, words, bread and her heart. She is the most creative and kind person I know with a vision only for helping to guide others through their creativity. She is selfless and so humble. Her art is created through what she feels as well as what she sees. She is the epitome of authenticity and self expression and we can not imagine keeping her all to ourselves. He style is very natural and she maneuvers through her day like it was background music. She is a huge blessing to our clients and to us. 

Mario - Cinematic Story Teller Extraordinaire

Dennis - Music Master

Julia Ryan McClane - Modern day 

Julia Ryan is a singer-songwriter based out of the San Francisco Bay area and currently residing in Los Angeles, California.  Her music and overall vibe is a mixture between a playful youth energy combined with an old soul intellect. Julia has been deeply influenced by classic soul music for as long as she can remember—from Etta James to Aretha Franklin to Billie Holiday. As a result, rich and sultry undertones are ever present throughout her tunes, complete with a fresh, modern feel. Julia combines a little bit of soul, funk and rock to create beautiful and dynamic melodies that represent power and driving rhythms, with a deep soulful tone.  Bring back old soulful sounds filtered through her own interpretation, Julia combines her unique artistry, storytelling, arrangements and vocals to create her own kind of unison.

Daneen Green - Chef

Michal Harris Cuisine 

Preferred Venues and Rentals

The Grand Event Center 

The Catalina Room 

The Malaga Cove Historic Library 

Del Rey Party Rentals 

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