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Experience the magic, power, and enrichment of establishing an unshakable foundation.  Discover greater depths of vulnerability, intimacy, and passion as we take you on a journey through the incredible dance of authentic connection and communication, and the true essence of love.


During this retreat our expert facilitators will take you through a deeper understanding of the essential components in a healthy and sustainable romantic relationship.  You will uncover the importance of masculine and feminine energy dynamics and how they relate to each other to experience more harmony as an individual and in partner. 

$1500 per couple

Horse Feather Ranch

Sedona, AZ

May 1st - 3rd

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What's Included:

Immerse yourself in three days of activities, workshops and daily adventures focusing on:

  • Foundation Building

  • Implementing more passion, presence and play

  • Establishing a clear sense of Sovereignty

  • Developing greater Presence and Connection

  • Setting Standards

  • Effective Support Systems 

All meals and accommodations provided.

Shuttle service to and from the airport.

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