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SEJ Productions is founded on the sweetest and most simple virtues: love, service and compassion. To be of service to others, done genuinely for the edification of community and individuals, for all that they are; an outlet of inspiration, hope and philanthropy. SEJ Productions is here to support, inspire, and encourage you always. As a modern day company with old fashion values we define ourselves and our service by our creativity, connection and integrity and focus on the heart and soul of each and every wedding and special event. In every facet of what we do, we like to pay it forward and give back to society. It is our connection to you that allows our sincere approach to continually feel genuine and inspire others to do the same. With SEJ Productions we are reshaping how we approach weddings and special events.

In the social media age we talk love and marriage all the time - by posting photos of our significant other with inspiring captions. What we don't talk about is why this incredible moment in life can causes stress, tension, vanity and adverse emotions. Gaining an understanding of the industry to help others is exactly why we are here and spending time getting to know you personally is what we enjoy.

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