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I am not a blogger but here I go.....

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hello and a big hug to everyone that might possibly read this blog post. I asked Mike to place a blog tab on our site so that I would take the time to write more. I used to have such a passion for writing and loved if my thoughts and heart could possibly touch others in a positive way. It is so easy to get writers block, or as I say to my niece, wonder if anyone would ever truly be interested in anything I had to say. Hopefully every now and then a word or two sparks a light in the heart of others.

During this time, we wish we could do more to help those in need. We are constantly inspired by those that help the homeless, the elderly and donate meals to the front line medical staff all over the world. We believe so much in taking the time to share our passion for serving and be of help. It is in our nature to want to do more and if anyone knows of how we can assist, even in small ways, please let us know.

For our clients that have postponed their wedding day or are considering it, we are here to answer any questions but most of all we want you to know that your love is not postponed or cancelled, just the date scheduled to celebrate. The beauty of having the love and commitment that you do is that any day is a great day to get married. We are present to not only help with the transition to another day, but also here to marry you (I am ordained) if you wish. No matter what may be keeping us all inside and safe, love prevails and love remains.

Stay safe, in love and well everyone.

So much love,

Julia and Mike

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